Micoré Stevia

Micoré sourced natural products made in the USA with no artificial additives for internal care! Our stevia is 400 times sweeter than sugar and comes in different flavors. 

Stevia is a plant that grows in Brazil that tastes naturally sweet; therefore, it is dried out and ground up and is a great substitute for sugar. Stevia does have a mild aftertaste but it's so sweet that one loves the health benefits of Stevia, and has become very popular due to it's benefits. 

Stevia is very low in calories and helps when it comes to calorie intake. Our Stevia has 0 calories and doesn't increase any calorie intake when it comes to daily calories. Additionally, Micoré  Stevia regulates blood sugar levels in the body and it's great for people with Diabetes. It helps control diabetics by regulating blood sugar levels in the body. Stevia also relaxes the blood vessels and facilitate the elimination of sodium in our body, thus increase of urination and less stress in our bodies, which helps drop our blood pressure. This also helps and protects conditions such as strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis. Stevia also helps in oral health by preventing cavities and gingivitis that are caused by sucrose found in sugar. We carry different flavors that can be used in hot, cold drinks and baking. Choose your best flavors, because we carry the BEST!

Try our Micoré Stevia in all flavors.

1. Natural

2. Hazelnut

3. Vanilla

4. Caramel

5. Chocolate



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