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Prepare to be amazed at how Micore BodySylk Oil is going to change your life! All your worries will slide by when your moisturized with Micore BodySylk Oil! It feels like heaven on your skin. Silky, soft beyond any oil you've used. Our BodySylk is enriched with vitamins, blend of natural oils and fruit extracts. The oils restores and regenerates your skin elasticity and helps slow down the aging process. Nourishes the skin, soothes and heals, sensitive, dry and irritated skin, making it clear and beautiful. Our BodySylk is great for healing cracked cuticles and calms skin after waxing and shaving. Micore BodySylk contains Azulen and Vitamin E, A which gives your skin a glowing tan. Our BodySylk also has Peach kernel oil which if full of anti-aging properties that helps improve the skin to look young. Micore BodySylk can be used for massage treatments because of it's softening and moisturizing properties.