FLUSH - 60 capsules

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Micoré introduces FLUSH, an all-natural product to provide heavy metal detox as well as to provide comprehensive colon and liver cleansing to renew the body at the cellular level. Our Flush detox capsules will help you experience the highest level of toxin flushing.

Helps to promote weight loss, improve digestion, healthy looking skin, increase energy and mental clarity as toxins are removed. Eases bloating, no harsh side effects, promotes regularity.

• Contains magnesium to cleanse the bowels of toxins.

• Flush will enhance energy and help your mood. 

• Safe and Natural.

• Helps in the removal of chemicals, bacteria, metabolic toxins and environmental pollutants.

• Provides heavy metal detox including mercury and pesticides via chlorella and  
  provides source of B1, B2, B12, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Vit K, and amino acid 
• Neutralize toxins, regenerate damaged liver cells and break down fatty deposits. Contains milk thistle to support liver health.
• Promotes satiety/curbs appetite.