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Micoré Slim Drops is the ultimate Fat burning drops. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to burn fat? Do you want a slimmer, healthy you? If you said yes, we are happy to introduce our Slim Drops. Our Slim drops helps most people shed excessive fat while helping them lose weight. Our Slim drops is crafted in an FDA registered facility and has been developed by scientists that have knowledge and researched internationally to provide us with the best products. 

Benefits of Micoré Slim Drops:

- Supports metabolism and increase energy because it contains proprietary blend of amino acids.

- It helps decrease body fat and increase lean muscle because it contains L-Ornithine

- Our Slim drops contain Acetyl L-Carnitine which helps convert body fat into energy and supports weight loss.

- It is alcohol free.

- Supports fat loss

-  Micoré Slim Drops contains  L-Arginine which helps maintain muscle mass, while also maintaining hormone and immune function.