Diva Matte LL
Asking why the Divalicious look for 24 hours? Let them know I got my Diva Matte Liquid Lips on and smeared to the T. Will keep you going when everyone is wondering. Go Diva Shine with your Diva Matte Liquid Lips....
Hot Leo Matte LL
Are you TOO HOT?? We forgot because you have the Hot Leo Matte Liquid Lips that lasts all day. You're Hot and you look hot! Compliment that look wearing Micoré Hot Leo Matte LL. Stay Hot! "Leo" (layo) means TODAY in...
Dreamy Leo Matte LL
What a Dream? Long Lasting Day and Night. You forgot to tell everyone your secret! Dreamy Leo Matte Liquid Lips will help you show your mood Day and Night. Just be dreamy baby! Make sure you have a new start...
Cranky Leo Matte LL
Follow your Heart...Our Cranky Leo Matte LL is perfect for those days that you just don't wonna be bothered. Express how you feel (or want to feel) today! "Leo" means today in Swahili! Let them know you have you're Cranky...
Calm Leo Matte LL
Express how you feel (or want to feel) today! "Leo" means today in Swahili! Express yourself with our Calm Leo Matte Liquid Lips. After a long day Calm Leo Matte LL is the way to go. 
Angry Leo Matte LL
We love the Angry Leo Matte Liquid Lips. Show them your intensity mood and how long it can last! Long lasting, no staining and smooth. Our Angry Leo Matte LL is vibrant and intense. 
Kind Leo LL
Your kindness is appreciated. Micoré Kind Leo Liquid lips. Some days you just have to get the spirit of being kind. Wear Kind Leo gloss and people will know it... Let's all be KIND!
Joy Leo LL
Joy Leo Liquid Lips shows the glossiness in you. You have Joy in your heart today and show it off with our Joy Leo Liquid Lips!
Hyper Leo LL
They keep wondering what's happening? They forgot you got your Hyper Leo LL Cream. They can't stop you, so they will join you. Give them some of that Hyper Leo LL glossiness
Horny Leo LL Lipgloss
Horny Leo Liquid Lips is your choice this evening! Wear it up! Flaunt it. You're wearing it and let your baby know that.. "Leo" (layo) means TODAY in Swahili! What mood are you in today?
Baby Leo LL Lipgloss
Feel the Baby in you today wearing Micoré Baby Leo Liquid Lips gloss. Babyish feeling...
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