Micoré Global Inc (mi-core-ray) is a Palm Beach, Florida based company founded by Mercy Alexander to revitalize the brand from Micoré International Inc, a Multi-level Marketing company founded by her and husband Derrick (and partner Achal) for premium hair extensions that operated for three years from 2012 to 2015. Changes in the hair industry and MLM industry however, convinced them to close that model. But Micoré is a powerful brand, with the word meaning Zebra in Mercy's native Kikuyu language (wambui micore). Her and Derrick chose that name to represent products for all women of the world, Black, White, and every tone in between!

Mercy was born in Nairobi, Kenya. Mercy worked HARD especially in corporate America and later decided to start her own business. Mercy believed in his grandpa foot steps and finally decided to walk his PATH. Mercy's family has a proud history in Kenya's independence as her Grandfather was Kirori Motoku, a major freedom fighter who was imprisoned 7 years for his devotion to Kenya's independence with his close friend Jomo Kenyatta, which they eventually won in 1963 due to their devotion and sacrifice.

 Kenyatta 3rd from L, Motoku is 4th, and his wife (Mercy's Grandmother) is 2nd from L

In 1999 Mercy moved to Atlanta, Georgia USA. Mercy grew up to the European way, but it was in America as a young adult that she witnessed the personal power of capitalism. She met her husband Derrick in September 2002, and they married in September 2004. A career entrepreneur, Derrick had already owned and exited several small businesses by 35. Mercy worked from the bottom up from a concierge to a regional human resource and recruiter traveling all over the country, recruiting, hiring and firing. She finally decided to control her own destiny.


Due to her passion for fashion she decided to be her OWN BOSS and give women the best skin care products, supplements, make-up, hair care, elegant clothes, fashion jewelry, and encourage women by providing the best products to LOOK & FEEL THEIR VERY BEST in her words, "FEEL THE Z IN YOU"

Because of her Grandpa she decided to SOURCE the best and provide the best in her/his country and Globally.

For the past 3 years Mercy has been developing products for the skin and body to revive Micoré and develop an amazing line of cosmetics, elegant clothing, jewelry, and more, to market to her native country of Kenya and abroad. (Micoré Global also operates a Retail Store located in Nairobi in the Westlands.) Mercy is inspired by her Grandfather's drive and commitment, which has given her the resolve to never give up on her dream of turning the Micoré "Z" brand into the Channel of Kenya, using American and Africa made products that have never been seen before in Africa or Globally.

Beauty and Health products inspired by the Zebra to make you