A 10 Year Journey

In 2012 we launched the 1st Network Marketing Company (MLM) for hair extensions called Micoré International. Within 6 months we had enrolled almost 8,000 Independent Distributors! (YouTube search Micoré International) This 3 min video shows you how awesome we were then! CLICK HERE

Micoré Global is the creation of Kenyan born Mercy Alexander, the co-founder of the 2012 Micoré MLM, to an online boutique carrying fashion, cosmetics, and more!

Micoré (Mi-core-ray) is a Kenyan Kikuyu word for ZEBRA and was chosen to represent the diverse line of products that Micoré sells which accommodates women of all races. The Micoré Brand covers all stripes of the Zebra..Black, White and anything in between.

As experts in hair extensions, Micoré Global sells an amazing line of hair wefts and lace wigs, Elegant Clothing, Make-up that's Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Natural, 100% vegetarian, Fashion Jewelry, and Hand Bags that are sophisticated and sourced from the BEST, inspired by the Zebra to make you...


Due to our passion for fashion we decided to give women a one-stop-shop for the best hair, make-up, elegant clothes, accessories, and fashion jewelry. We provide the best products to LOOK & FEEL YOUR VERY BEST!


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