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Why Is It Important to Shape Your Eyebrows?

Why Is It Important To Shape Your Eyebrows?

Have you ever wondered why makeup artists and beauty influencers always stress about the importance of shaping your eyebrows? Your eyebrows can quite literally make or break your makeup look.

Did you know that it is actually believed that next to teeth, eyebrows are the most important feature on any face? Yep, it’s true! Which means that eyebrows are totally worth going an extra mile for. Here are some reasons why eyebrows are so important:

They Make You Look Rested

You may have stayed awake all night or gotten only 20 minutes of sleep, but if you head out the door with your eyebrows well made then it will look like you are well rested. Sounds crazy, right? Try it for yourself using our Micoré MALAIKA BROW KIT which is a complete eyebrow kit features stencils, an eyebrow powder and 2 eyebrow brushes.

They Are Great For The No Makeup Look

The no makeup look involves you wearing very less makeup and still looking quite put together. The trick to nailing this look is paying attention to your eyebrows. Try a bare face of makeup with just your eyebrows shaped and see what an instant change it makes. So, on days when you want to go for the no makeup look, pay attention to your eyebrows and you won’t have to do much to your face.

They Give You a Subtle Yet Modern Change

Why splurge on new makeup when you can achieve a modern and put together look with just one product? It’s just smart thinking if you ask us.

They Make You Look Younger and Fresher

The key to looking fresh and young? Get your eyebrows done! After you get them shaped from a salon, you obviously need an upkeep and that you can do with our Micoré MALAIKA BROW KIT. It’s a live saver; trust us!

And those are all the reasons why your eyebrows need to be on point all the time!


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